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This was one of my early designs. I just recently brushed it off and gave it life again. One of my clients didn't feel this was the look they wanted, so I Deep Sixed this for a few years and then discovered and thought I would share it.

This design relies on tables pretty heavy. It's been tested in FireFox and Internet Explorer, and the fonts resize well from tiny to large. This should be viewable in much smaller screen by changing the first table width from 750 to whatever you need, or elimitate the width altogether to expand to the whole page.

Be careful in the layout with the TD cells. If there are extra spaces between the TD and IMG elements, Internet Explorer will break the design. Firefox is much more forgiving, however.

This image was taken from the NOAA Public Library. #/index.html The actual photo, #/nurp/nur03012.htm, was given a black gradient filter effect on the bottom in Photoshop and a filter effect with color /333399 on the top at a 65% opacity. The image was then sliced in ImageReady to give a 10 pixel cut-out between the 2 images.

The useage restrictions on this photo are found at #/aboutimages.html.

The top image of 250 x 100 was meant to represent your logo. The image below was meant to represent your menu.

You may use this design for personal and commercial websites without reservation. A link back to my site, or a credit of some sort is appreciated, but not necessary. At the very least, letting me know where you have used this design would be nice, just to put a smile on my face.



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